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Paper Straw

  • Worldwide reliance on disposable plastic packing is overwhelming our planet.

    Made from FSC®-certified birch wood.

    FDA and LFGB Approved.

    -100% Natural
    -100% Biodegradable
    -100% Eco-friendly
    -100% Chemical free

    This straw is made from sustainable FSC® paper. Paper straw is eco-friendly and compostable, with the ability to decompose in just 30-60 days depending on the product. We offer paper straw in a multitude of diameters and lengths to fit a variety of needs from milkshakes to cocktails.

Image Code Description Size Packing Carton
YD-PS-6197 Paper Straw 6x197mm 250 5000
YD-PS-6210 Paper Straw 6x210mm 250 5000
YD-PS-6240 Paper Straw 6x240mm 250 5000
YD-PS-6260 Paper Straw 6x260mm 250 5000
YD-PS-8197 Paper Straw 8x197mm 250 5000
YD-PS-8210 Paper Straw 8x210mm 250 5000
YD-PS-8240 Paper Straw 8x240mm 250 5000
YD-PS-8260 Paper Straw 8x260mm 250 5000
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    Made from sustainable and renewable bamboo. bamboo straw is eco-friendly and compostable! Enjoy every sip of your drink while helping the planet with bamboo straw- 100% natural and biodegradable.

Image Code Description Size Packing Carton
YD-BS70180 Bamboo Straw 7.0x180mm 250 2000
YD-BS70200 Bamboo Straw 7.0x200mm 250 2000
YD-BS80180 Bamboo Straw 8.0x180mm 250 2000
YD-BS80200 Bamboo Straw 8.0x200mm 250 2000
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