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01. Are there any coatings or chemicals on your products?

A: No, just birch wood, no coatings, no toxins included.

02. Please list out all applicable EU/National legislation associated with the products.

A: Regulation 2023/2006 (EC).

03. How will you deal with the shortages, damages to the products, wrong paper work?

A: The tolerance for coffee stirrer normally +-3% acceptable, because we calculated by weight, the weight might be a slight different from the different shift. For damages, although we will make strict control during mass production, to be honest 1-3% might be included. We will do our best to down this rate. For wooden cutlery, the damages or crack 2-3% might possible, we controlled by auto-machine and workers recheck. For documents, we will send the draft before issuing them, to make things correct.

04. How do you handle customer complaints? Who is responsible for handling customer complaints?

A: Our ears are opening for customers' feedback. If any complaints appeared, we will check inward here (production record from the workshop, the inspection reports from QC, warehouse record, container loading record), to see what's the truth. We will discuss with customer in time and find the best way to solve it. The responsible person here is Ms.Cai, a strict lady with more than 21 years of working experience.

05. How do you control foreign body in products?

A: The semi-product pre-inspection when arrived, checking record required. During the mass production and packing, we have paper rules to attention workers and QC pays full attention to a foreign body in products, if found, must be treated immediately.

06. Do you have a pest control system in place? If yes, is it managed internally or subcontracted?

A: Yes do pest control here, it's internally. 7-9 times per 6 working days inspection required. No infestation during the last six months.

07. How do ensure continuity of supply of products during a natural disaster, and or force-majeure?

A: For log, we have two production base in Russia to ensure a continuous supply of log and most of the semi-products, in 3-5 years, we are statable in raw materials.

08. Does any of the products you supply or intend to supply are made up of recycled material?

A: No.

09. Are your products recyclable?

A: Yes.

10. Are the packaging used in the product are recyclable?

A: Yes.

11. Does any of your product/packaging contains any hazardous/heavy metals?

A: No.

12. Does your product and packaging complies with EU REACH & Packaging Waste Directive?

A: Yes.

13. Does any of your products are made up of FSC® certified material?

A: Yes.

14. How about the delivery time?

A: Around 15 - 45 days .Depends on our production schedule and your order quantity.

15. What’s the nearest port/airport of your factory?

A: Dalian,China for sea shipment and air shipment.

16. What is your payment items?

A: 30% TT as deposit, 70% TT before loading.

17. Can I get a free sample before ordering?

A: Yes, free samples available with freight collect.

18. How can I know the price exactly?

A: The price is based on your specific requirement, in order to give you a competitive price, please contact with our Sales Rep.

19. Why choose us?

A: We have rich experience in handling orders here for heavy buyers with the professional process. Stable raw material purchasing, favourable orders follow-up management, laudable lead-time & shipment control, traceable quality evaluation, flexible payment terms, remarkable after-sale service.Specialist in the disposable wooden cutlery production.

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